Purchase information for Swedish customers

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Purchase information for Swedish customers

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The product SPC Web Gateway consists of:
  • The application SPC Web Gateway in binary form for both Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu x86_64
  • Documentation (Installation guide and API description)
  • 1 year support and updates
  • Free access to current and coming addon modules
Pricing for a license for personal use (from 2020-01-01): 700 SEK including VAT/Moms.

Extension of support and update contract offers for 100 SEK including VAT per year and paid in advance.

NOTE! SPC Web Gateway is timelimited to 2038-01-01.

If you would like to buy a license, please email a purchase order including your name and address to info@lundix.se and I will send you an invoice, software and documentation by email.

Lundix IT
Renvägen 22
S-433 70 Sävedalen
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