Binding to openHAB2

How to integrate SPC Web Gateway with different Home Automation Systems
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Binding to openHAB2

Post by roryd » Wed 05 Apr 2017, 13:04

I've got most of the functionality working here - if the PIR in the hall is activated, I can trigger a rule to switch on a light:

items file:

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String iBeam_Hall "Hall PIR [%s]" <motion> {mqtt="<[mqtt:/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_INPUT_2:state:JSONPATH(status)]"}
rules file:

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rule "PIR toggles light"
    Item iBeam_Hall changed
if (iBeam_Hall.state == "open") {
else if (iBeam_Hall.state == "closed") {
That's all working fine, but I'm now trying to set up a switch to arm/disarm the alarm so I need to send a message back via MQTT to do that.

This is the Mosquitto sub feed:

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mosquitto_sub -v -t /#
/SPC/G_SPC_AREA_MODE_1 {"update_time":1491385018195,"status":"unset"}
/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_INPUT_1 {"update_time":1491385018183,"status":"closed"}
/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_STATUS_1 {"update_time":1491385018183,"status":"ok"}
/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_INPUT_2 {"update_time":1491392732843,"status":"closed"}
/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_STATUS_2 {"update_time":1491385018184,"status":"ok"}
/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_INPUT_3 {"update_time":1491385018184,"status":"closed"}
/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_STATUS_3 {"update_time":1491385018184,"status":"ok"}
/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_INPUT_4 {"update_time":1491389782807,"status":"closed"}
/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_STATUS_4 {"update_time":1491385018184,"status":"ok"}
/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_INPUT_5 {"update_time":1491385018184,"status":"closed"}
/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_STATUS_5 {"update_time":1491385018184,"status":"isolate"}
/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_INPUT_6 {"update_time":1491385018184,"status":"closed"}
/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_STATUS_6 {"update_time":1491385018184,"status":"ok"}
/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_INPUT_7 {"update_time":1491385018184,"status":"closed"}
/SPC/G_SPC_ZONE_STATUS_7 {"update_time":1491385018184,"status":"ok"}
The last two lines above are the result of toggling the following switch item on the sitemap:

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Switch  Toggle_Alarm  "Toggle Alarm"  {mqtt=">[mqtt:/SPC/G_SPC_AREA_MODE_1:command:ON:0],>[mqtt:/SPC/G_SPC_AREA_MODE_1:command:OFF:3]"}
What format of message via MQTT would trigger a set/unset?

Should it even be possible to control the alarm like this, or is it all read-only?

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Re: Binding to openHAB2

Post by gol » Wed 05 Apr 2017, 13:58

Hi Roryd,
You need to use the REST API directly to send commands to the SPC Panel.
Please see SPC Web Gateway Specification for details.

Best Regards,

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